Spanking the Ferret

The Musings of a Deranged Fuzzy

Мои твиты
Roland Ferret Sunglasses glasses hair
  • Пн, 16:23: Fuuuuuck, too many radishes. I don't feel well.
  • Пн, 22:09: RT @DonryuArt: OMFG 19 PREORDERS CONFIRMED HOLY CRAP GUYS THAT'S AWESOME!! Let's keep it going!
  • Вт, 09:41: Ohmagawd, snow! I love snow! Cc: @TalBull :P
  • Вт, 09:45: Happy valentines to all of my friends with that special someone. May today not be the only reason to celebrate your love.
  • Вт, 10:41: Meeting with business advisor booked for Friday. Am nervous. Anyone know some good questions to ask about starting a business?
  • Вт, 11:39: There's a game I usually like to play when riding the train from downtown. It's called "dodge the train car with the drunk native in it"


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